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30: The Dragonfly Catcher

Jacqueline Rainey

Love is a splendid thing when you can find it, but sometimes sex with a stranger can be more eye opening. Be careful when seeking validation in a state of desperation, because when the true you comes to the surface, you may not like what you see. CaSandra found this out at the very end, even though she knew that she was a fragmented woman with three sides to her personality. She had lost control, giving away the small piece of her true self to a third part of herself that eventually wiped away all traces of CaSandra. No woman wants to feel invisible, and sometimes we want others to see us for the women we are on the inside as well as the beautiful package we are on the outside.
In a desperate moment, CaSandra tried to escape her unhappiness by swallowing a handful of pills, but instead of escaping the world she no longer wanted to be in, she finally found what she was looking for, after ending up in a hospital emergency room.
Our minds love to play tricks on us even when our eyes are wide open. Imagine what they can do to us when they are closed.
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