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The Aligned: Volume 3

Kristy Berridge

Trouble is Elena Manory’s middle name and constant companion. Her adopted brother Lucas is missing and her body is going through further bizarre and surprising changes.
Killing has become second nature and distancing herself from the men in her life as a hobby.
But more trouble is on its way: The institute of Magical Intervention wants to harvest Elena’s blood for nefarious intent; the werewolves plan to dominate, feed and breed with her; and, to add insult to injury, a psychopathic vampire hell bent on revenge is relentlessly hunting her. Kidnapped and kept under constant duress, Elena’s salvation once again rests in the cold hands of the enigmatic William Granville.
Blood is on the menu and her earlier fears of turning hairy at full moon are well founded. It’s time for Elena to sharpen her claws and kick some serious ass.
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